About us.

The Holy Cell of “Axion Estin”, which belongs to the Holy Monastery of Pantokratoros, is on Mt Athos and is located at the area of Kapsala near Karyes. Its beginning goes back to 930 AD and various nationalities of monks have lived here, Greeks, Russians, Bulgarians and Romanians. It is founded in an area called “Pit of Adein” because of the miraculous appearance of Archangel Gabriel who chanted in its church for the first time the hymn of Axion Estin facing the icon of the Mother of God. The event took place in 982 and since then it is chanted in all the orthodox churches throughout the world. The icon, named “Axion Esti”, was removed from there to the church of Protaton. It is regarded as the Primary icon of all Mt. Athos which protects all Athos.

A new effort.

entrance-cell-axion-estin-kapsalaUnfortunately, since 1940 due to scarcity of monks the cell hasn’ t been preserved and it has become empty. Therefore, the building, despite its importance, it has gradually been abandoned.

Thanks to the providence of the community of the Holy Monastery of Pantokratoros, to which the cell belongs, two monks and two novices have been placed here. They are trying to survive under harsh circumstances caused by the lack of monks over the last few decades. Today, this tiny jewel of Mt Athos has extensive damages and needs. The whole construction has many problems in many areas such as:

Erosion on the roof; sheeting roof
Serious problem of inestia of the entire building
Eroded floor / Half – ruined wings
Crevices in the walls
Broken windows etc.

Also there is a great need due to winter cold and humidity to solve the problem of heat of the whole cell and its casings. Thus, we call all those who could contribute so that this small “palace” of the Mother of God will not perish but instead it will be reconstructed and refurbished.

By doing that, its small brotherhood, already staying there, might survive and follow its main tasks which are Repentance and Obedience, services and the Liturgical life aimed at sanctifying in glory of the Triadic God.

For those interested to help:

Το κελί στις αρχές του 20ου αιώνα

A 1905 postcard showing the cell.

A special bank account has been opened at the Bank of Piraeus. The account is for the exclusive needs of the financial support for the completion of the whole project.

Bank of Piraeus (IBAN): GR62 0171 4390 0064 3912 8258 870Swift-BIC of the Bank is PIRBGRAA for its network and worldwide. Beneficiary: Holy Monastery of Pantokratoros.