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From the end of the 10th century until today….

The Holy Cell of “Axion Estin”, which belongs to the Holy Monastery of Pantokratoros, is on Mt Athos and is located at the area of Kapsala near Karyes. Its beginning goes back to 930 AD and various nationalities of monks have lived here, Greeks, Russians, Bulgarians and Romanians. It is founded in an area called “Pit of Adein” because of the miraculous appearance of Archangel Gabriel who chanted in its church for the first time the hymn of “Axion Estin”. The event took place in 982 and since then it is chanted in all the orthodox churches throughout the world.

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The Miracle

At the pit of "Adein".

In a small cell which is close to Karyes of Mt. Athos and while the elder of the cell is praying at the vigil, his spiritual son welcomes the most unexpected visit. The Archangel Gabriel as a monk…

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  • Panagia theotokos Axion esti

The Hymn

of "Axion Estin".

It is truly meet to bless you, O Theotokos, ever-blessed and most pure, and the Mother of our God. More honorable than the Cherubim, and more glorious beyond compare than the Seraphim, without defilement you gave birth to God the Word. True Theotokos we magnify you!

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Even your smallest contribution

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Piraeus Bank (IBAN): GR62 0171 4390 0064 3912 8258 870 – BIC: PIRBGRAA. Beneficiary: Holy Monastery of Pantokratoros. Deposits may be in the bank either electronically.
  • "Axion Estin", 1930.

The Icon.

The Miraculous icon and its procession.

The icon of the Most Holy Mother of God, called “Axion Estin,” was hagiographied at Constantinople.It was created following the model of the holy icon called the “Virgin of Mercy”, a work of St. Luke the Evangelist, found at the Holy Monastery of Kykkos.

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Historical facts.

Details about the miracle and its first written report. The hymn of “Axion Estin” at the liturgical texts of church and the participation of the miraculous icon in the history of Greek nation.
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The path to the cell.

After venerating the icon of Axion Estin at the church of Protaton at Karyes and visiting the Serai as well, follow the path to the cell “Axion Estin” . The route is very pleasant, shadowy from the rich vegetation which covers it. Go down the path for ten minutes, cross a small river walking on its small bridge, climb up for more five minutes and you will find it straight ahead of you.

Our effort.

Mother-of-God-Axion-EstiFor more than a millenium presence in the heart of the Athonite state, in Karyes, Mt Athos, the cell of “Axion Estin” happens to be a monument of great spiritual value. The unique miracle, that is the revelation of Archangel Gabriel who chanted the hymn”Axion Estin” to the Mother of God in 982 A.D at the “Pit of Adein”, has made it well known in the orthodox church. For this reason it has become a place of repentance and prayer for hundeds of fathers from all over the world who wished to live here in Christ. The Holy Monastery of Pantokratoros has given its blessing so that a new brotherhood would live here. The building, been very old, has suffered many damages and it needs an immediate restoration help. Its church in which kept the icon of the Mother of God called ” Axion Estin”, patron of all Mt. Athos, with all the rest constructions has extensive damages. For that purpose, a bank account has been opened in the Bank of Piraeus to support financially the completion of a project. Your contribution will mainly work to restore the poor conditions of the whole cell and to cover other needs as well.